The United States Congress, in its very first title and chapter of the United States Code, defines a person as “corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals.”  The principle of corporate personhood has also, since the 1800s, been affirmed again and again by the Supreme Court of the United States.

At Coventry Business Consulting, we embody and perpetuate the principles and sentiment of these two major bodies of American government. 

We see a business as a person, and we see its owners, who have created such persons first with courage and compassion, and only second for the purposes of profit, as creators and martyrs of American society.  And it is with this understanding that we undertake our unique marketing efforts to speak about a business to the world through various mediums.

At Coventry, as differentiated from other marketing companies, we truly partner with our clients and see their businesses as our own. 

We are unrelenting in our willingness to respond to your business needs at any hour of the day or night, and rejoice and find victory only through the successes of our clients.  We seek to optimize your current resources and customer base while making calculated decisions before undertaking exciting new risks to expand your brand.

During the initial years of a company’s birth, we sensitively balance the needs of the current business with its long term vision and goals.  In a more sophisticated and profitable stage, we engage in more complex marketing inclusive of, but not limited to, corporate social responsibility and cause branding seminars and events to rejuvenate public and internal enthusiasm.

We elect into management only individuals with sophisticated backgrounds in law and business to oversee projects and work with clients. 

In creating an initial unique selling proposition, we leverage the traditional metrics of marketing with a wide network of legal and professional contacts to analyze and execute upon your success.  We operate in your functional and practical realities, such as price setting, as well as your long term vision by transforming your potential business to reality.  We also work with you as an individual, as the primary face of the business, by assessing your personal strengths and hurdles, and how it may contribute and/or detract from optimal profitability.

We have experience working with American and international companies, from basic setup needs to sophisticated analysis on reaching competitive profit objectives to sustain and continue operations in your geographic sectors. 

We work with start-ups and with international companies before any officer sets foot on American soil.  We have extensive experience educating foreign companies as to the process of doing business in all 50 states and overcoming any potential language barriers.  While we work with companies all around the world, we specialize in assisting companies from Asia, Europe, and Latin America.


  • Consulting

    We identify target markets for your product or service, then create and implement strategies to deliver your message to potential customers and clients. We provide tailored materials and help develop and refine pitches and proposals with around-the-clock service. Our work is not simply creative but also analytical, as we continuously monitor and enhance our efforts to better serve your interests.

  • Graphic Design & Web Development

    We ensure that your image is consistent with organizational goals, objectives, and current customers. We build your brand and enhance your presence with corporate identity packages, logo design, website development, and SEO (search engine optimization).

  • Social Media

    Understanding that social media has become the modern "word of mouth," our efforts are designed to attract attention to your business from customers and potential customers. We grow your visibility, trust, and influence to ensure improved social signals, better brand awareness, heightened audience reach, and increased customer loyalty.

  • Direct Marketing

    We advise on advertising that allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers. Such techniques include, but are not limited to, cell phone text messaging, electronic and direct mail, interactive websites, online and display advertisements, fliers, catalog distribution, television and radio commercials, and response generating newspaper and magazine advertisements.

  • Print Collateral

    We develop and print brochures, visual aids, product data sheets and white papers, mailers, and more. We formulate corporate identity with packing slips, boards, letterhead, business cards, and other print collateral.

  • Video Production

    We create and produce video specifically tailored to your product or service, in a method most efficient and suitable for your budget. We work in concept creation, industry analysis, as well as social media and SEO integration and maintenance.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile marketing is the primary point of engagement between consumers and brands -- you can count on a consumer never leaving home without a cell phone. Therefore, we offer uniquely-branded mobile applications which are regularly used, offering redeemable deals and event notifications, and generating loyalty and customer referrals. Recognizing that the creation of an app is often insufficient to compel usage alone, we have a sophisticated program including, but not limited to, announcement cards, advertisements, seminars, and events to promote the app's visibility.

  • IPO Marketing

    This tailored and sophisticated service assists investment bankers, attorneys, and consultants working on IPOs. We recognize the importance of the valuation of an IPO in after-market trading, and seek to create opportunities for our clients by raising pre-offer and post-offer publicity for both sentiment/retail investors and institutional investors. We perform work that creates value for issuers, investment banks, and their regular IPO investors.

  • Corporate Responsibility

    Companies can profit with the right partnership between their product or service and a nonprofit cause. We produce social responsibility and cause branding programs, executive coaching arrangements, and thought leadership initiatives. With these mechanisms, we generate a sense of meaning for executives such that they sense societal impact in everyday work, which helps businesses retain their most talented and highly skilled people while fulfilling societal expectations of the company’s role. We seek to make your company an authority in your sector, where your expertise is sought and rewarded by continuous customer loyalty.

Case Studies

  • ADR Consulting

    A provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services sought to enter additional markets. Coventry researched and analyzed optimal targets, created compelling brochures and videos, and developed an innovative system of penetrating C-level suites. This resulted in calls and meetings for the client's business development team with CEOs, general counsels, and other executives at many Fortune 500 companies.

  • Law Firm Web Development

    A boutique law firm required an online presence that accurately communicated the breadth and depth of its services. Coventry not only redesigned the site for maximum impact, but additionally translated the content to properly address the client's significant Asian audience.

  • Financial Promotional Products

    A wealth management firm wanted to cement its brand awareness in the minds of its clientele. Coventry assessed the demographics, and advised on the creation of customized pens, notepads, and other high-quality merchandise that the firm proudly distributed to its clients. We also became their printer of choice, producing their business cards, brochures, and other marketing collateral.

  • Restaurant Direct Mail

    An upscale French restaurant had just started lunch service, and needed to increase lunch covers. Coventry evaluated which zip codes and building complexes were most likely to result in an increase in the affluent customers that client desired, and created a targeted, turnkey mailing campaign to entice these residents and professionals into the restaurant for lunch.

  • Physical Therapy SEO

    A physical therapy practice wished to boost its online presence and acquire more patients. Coventry commenced an organic search engine optimization campaign, overhauled the client's AdWords campaign, and modified the marketing message so client could more effectively track which advertising dollars were resulting in new patients.

  • Retail Consulting

    A clothing boutique opened up a second location and asked us to help them build up both foot traffic to the new brick-and-mortar location as well as visitors to their e-commerce site. Coventry implemented several strategies to accomplish these dual objectives: we helped the client obtain more reviews on sites such as Yelp and Facebook, increasing customer engagement and generating positive word-of-mouth social awareness. We revamped their e-commerce platform, allowing them to generate more revenue from existing customers. We started and managed their Adwords campaign, introducing new customers to the e-commerce site. We employed a mobile marketing campaign, augmenting the client's ability to regularly keep in touch with its customers, keeping them apprised of new arrivals and special sales.